Loop Not Luck

Christopher Wakley, CFO at PostTag talks about collaborating with Loop Not Luck to improve hiring diversity.

PostTag is a Software as a Service start-up providing address validation and precision location services to online retail and delivery agents.

1. What were your diversity/hiring goals before Loop Not Luck?

A: I came across Loop Not Luck as a potential partner to take proactive steps to improve our hiring diversity but we also needed to be sure that we got the right candidate that could do the job in addition to meeting those goals.

2. What kind of problems did you face before using Loop Not Luck? Did you use any other platforms and what were your experiences with those?

A: It was actually very difficult finding a recruiter that was willing to work with a startup to take on just one or two roles. They were also not overly willing to help us with our desire actively hire someone from an underrepresented background. Loop Not Luck was flexible and delivered. 


3. How many roles were you hiring for? How many candidates were you recommended for each role?

A: We were hiring for one role and we received three shortlisted candidates that had already been pre-screened. 


4. Describe the quality of candidates and the role you were hiring for. How long has it been since the hire? How are they performing at your company?

A: The candidates that we were presented with were really strong and fitted our bill perfectly. Especially because we had quite specific and unique requirements. We wanted someone that had a thirst for data and also had an interest in addressing/location services. Loop Not Luck’s talent pool is vast enough that they had someone on their books that met that criteria. 

In fact, when we met Elia, he was passionate about the job even before he spoke to us because he had aligned his application to accompany that. The pre-screening and curation piece that Loop Not Luck provided was invaluable. He was right academically and had the right interests. He’s been with us for five months now and is a standout performer in the team.


5. How long did it take to receive these recommendations?

A: The total amount of time from our first engagement with Loop Not Luck until hiring the candidate was two weeks.


6. What was your experience like working with Loop Not Luck?

A: My experience of working with Loop Not Luck was extremely positive. It was very efficient and quite a personal service with a clear understanding of our hiring brief and how we wanted to interview. So the pre-screening worked exactly as we expected. When a candidate arrived they knew exactly what they were doing and understood the interview process was going to be a bit different, there was no awkwardness and everyone left feeling very happy with the whole process.

7. How do you think Loop Not Luck differs from existing solutions out there?

A: Loop Not Luck differed from other solutions for us because they were happy to work with staff on quite a small scale in terms of an initial hire. They seem more interested in growing with us over a longer period rather than focusing on trying to extract money from us in exchange for simply having access to a pool of candidates. On the flip side, the candidate that we ended up hiring, really liked how personal the service was and how he was put in front of roles that he had a genuine interest in, as opposed to just being thrown out a number of roles because the other recruitment firms were seemingly more interested in getting a fee rather than a good match.

8. Are you happy with Loop Not Luck’s service? Would you recommend LNL?

A: I fully expect to continue working with Loop Not Luck in terms of hiring as PostTag grows. Every time we hire, we will engage with Loop Not Luck to help bring a more rounded pool of candidates. They have met a real need within our business and developed an efficient way to address it.


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