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Master’s student, Elia Charles, walks us through his journey from being an unemployed Data Analytics graduate to finding his dream job through Loop Not Luck!


1. What problems did you face during your job search before using Loop Not Luck?

A: Prior to using Loop Not Luck, my job search was hard. I had just finished my master’s degree and I felt like nowhere was giving me a chance. I think it was the fact that a lot of places still required you to take numerical tests, which were difficult to practise for. As a person that struggles under pressure, this wasn’t the way for me to express what I was truly capable of. Loop Not Luck gave me an opportunity in which I was able to meet the company I now work for. Loop Not Luck takes a data-driven but personable approach to the job hunt. Through being able to give a direct conversation with the CFO, PostTag was able to communicate that I am a hard worker and a great fit for the position. I had two interviews, Loop Not Luck gave me an experience where I could just really express myself rather than go through tests which can be quite cold and distant.


2. How many roles did you apply for before joining Loop Not Luck?

A:  I applied to countless different roles. These included various consultancies such as Deloitte as well as other tech companies and the roles specifically were in software engineering and data analytics. I progressed through some and with others, I didn’t even get past the first stage. I applied to a fair few and there were quite a few rejections.


3. How many roles were you presented with?

I was presented with two roles. The PostTag role fitted me perfectly because I had done more geospatial analysis, which is what PostTag specialises in. During my pre-screening at Loop Not Luck I was given personalised career guidance and support in choosing which opportunity to pursue – which was really helpful.

4. How long did it take to receive these roles since registration?

It was around two weeks in total. From registration to receiving the roles and getting an offer. 


5. Describe the role you accepted and the company you are working for. How long has it been since you started working here? What has your experience been like so far?

A: I work at a startup called PostTag and we specialise in last-mile delivery which is essentially getting couriers to their precise location. My work as a data analyst ranges from analysing output from our software, and ensuring the output we give for an address is correct to data visualisation and Tableau. In fact, I’m currently migrating all of our visualisation onto Tableau online. I had no experience using Tableau before so this was all learned on the job and PostTag were very patient with me during the entire process. I’ve also been able to use my Python skills to do text analysis using modules such as regex. In any startup, you are also asked to do other jobs so I’m currently writing a privacy policy for the company and also doing contract pricing. So my tasks have a wide range and I’m learning a lot. 


6. During your experience with LNL, what did you benefit most from?

A: During my experience with Loop Not Luck, I’ve benefited the most from the clientele they work with which are a lot of startups. Startups are usually willing to take more risk and really get to know the candidate rather than just looking at the candidate’s test scores.


7. What do you think differentiates Loop Not Luck from job boards or recruitment agencies?

Loop Not Luck is different to other recruitment agencies, in that they match you to a role that is suited to your CV and skills very quickly. As I said before, I was matched within two weeks of signing up and within those two weeks, I got a job offer.


8. Are you happy with Loop Not Luck’s service? Would you recommend LNL?

A: I would definitely recommend Loop Not Luck to anyone looking to quickly find a job that is personalised to them. I think this is one of the best services out there. 


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