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Cytora is a configurable platform that enables commercial insurers to create digital workflows by digitising, evaluating and routing risks. 

1. What kind of problems did you face before using Loop Not Luck? Did you use any other platforms and what were your experiences with those? 

A: We have used a number of different online platforms for different types of roles and the problem with entry-level roles is that you end up receiving over 300 applications which is just too time intensive for us to give each applicant the time that they deserve. This means you inevitably start selecting based on things like who went to the best university or who’s worked at companies that I’ve worked for or it falls back to who is in my network. 

We have also used traditional recruitment agencies but every agency will select candidates for a certain type of business. Some do business support stuff well, but in a particular type of hyper presentable, fairly corporate way. We’re at a stage where what we need is agility, ambition, resourcefulness and positivity which are traits that Loop Not Luck captured in the process unlike the general skills listed on a CV or through an agency who’s focussed on more corporate traits. That was the value provided at a business level before even considering the diversity aspect! Obviously, we want our team to be as diverse, inclusive and effective as possible and those things all contribute to one another. 

2. How many roles were you hiring for? How many candidates were yourecommended for each role? 

A: I spoke to three candidates in total. I would have hired all three if we had three jobs. The two that we did hire are people that we wouldn’t have been able to hire without Loop Not Luck. Their CV’s wouldn’t have stood out enough to make it through given the super high volume of entry level candidates we get through job boards. 

3. Describe the quality of candidates. 

It was really high. Something that really stood out in all three was strong character as well as strong skills. These weren’t people who had been trained to give good interview answers like candidates from agencies. It was people that when asked a question actually thought about it and gave really authentic, meaningful answers, which meant we have real confidence in our hiring decisions. All three were super proactive, hardworking, ambitious and focused. Just people who are definitely going places as it were and I was really happy to be introduced to them.

4. How long did it take to receive these recommendations? 

It was quick. Within the first week. 

5. Describe the role you were hiring for and the candidate you employed. Howlong has it been since the hire? How are they performing at your company? 

We were hiring for a generalist operations role to support across a number of different functions and someone who was going to be happy to get stuck in and get on with stuff and wasn’t going to mind if their job description changed every couple of weeks. Initially we hired one and then another person for a slightly more technical version of the same role. They both performed well, they’ve been extremely effective and have challenged processes that haven’t made sense, and added value to everything that they’ve touched. 

6. What was your experience like working with Loop Not Luck? 

Very positive. In fact, I am likely to have a role in my team coming up in the next month or so and Loop Not Luck is my first and only choice. 

7. How do you think Loop Not Luck differs from existing solutions out there? 

So, solutions that are based on that strong agency model, I guess,you often feel as a customer or client, that you’re getting a hard sell on a candidate who may or may not be the right fit for the role, rather than just a here’s this person, here’s what they dowell, here’s where they want to go. Does this fit? Does this work? It feels like we’re being sold at. There’s also more value added compared with a platform where you don’t get the pre-screening and inevitably end up with a super high volume of applications to sift through. For me, it is a really nice balance of recruitment agency and tech platform withoutkind of falling into the pitfalls to be either one. 

8. Are you happy with Loop Not Luck’s service? Would you recommend LNL?

Yes and yes. 

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